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Red Sheep is a musical duo made up of the curly-haired Estian Daniël Maree (on loop pedal, guitar, harmonica and vocals) and the red-haired Richard Max Koenig (piano, harmonica and vocals). They met at their Stellenbosch University “koshuis”, Huis Visser men’s residence, where they led the a cappella (“kleinsêr”) group called the “Sailors” with great success, claiming numerous category awards and qualifying for the National Final. They are also both members of the number 1 ranked choir in the world: the Stellenbosch University Choir.

Although Red Sheep was only born in July 2018, they both started making music long before learning to walk, thanks to strong influences from their musical families (especially both their dads). These two Maties students will provide the music to your soul with their originals, and they tackle song requests with ease- showcasing their versatility. They are based in Stellenbosch, but their harmonies travel much further.

Performing music gives them the opportunity to travel all over as they get to perform at a variety of venues in a variety of places (see “Past Performances”).
They dream of one day travelling the world and entertaining crowds all over, and to have a positive impact on communities through their music. 

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Estian was born in Pretoria, where he lived until he was 14 years old. He participated in every sport that he could and loved the outdoors. He spent his weekends growing up on their family farm in Limpopo, and it is here where his love for music was born.

At night time, his dad would sing while playing guitar, harmonica and violin around the campfire. Estian would stand next to his dad and sing along, and he always says, “my music career started when I was six years old, singing along around the campfire in the African bushveld.”

His family moved to George in 2008, and Estian spent his high school years in Outeniqua High School, focusing primarily on triathlon. It is during his high school years that he really started making music, mostly teaching himself how to play guitar. However, his culture played second fiddle to his sporting goals.

This, however, changed towards the end of his second year (2015), when he watched a video of a live performance by Ed Sheeran in which he used his loop pedal. Intrigued, Estian knew that was exactly what he needed: a loop pedal. The result: early 2016 Estian played his first paid “gig”: a 3-hour set at the well-known Root44 Market in Stellenbosch. He kept on making music as a solo act for the next two years, effectively creating a “one-man band” with his loop pedal.

However, as he soon found out, performing solo can sometimes be quite lonely: packing and unpacking heavy equipment all on your own, often late at night. In middle-2018, the idea of teaming up with someone crossed his mind after a jam session with Max at the end of a “kleinsêr” practice. He asked Max if he’d be keen to join, and when a smile broke out on Max’s face, he knew that his days of performing solo were counted.

Estian was dubbed the nickname “Dorper” in Huis Visser for his curly hair (a dorper is a type of sheep), and that is where the “Sheep” comes from!



Commonly mistaken for Ed Sheeran, Kevin De Bruyne, and Prince Harry, Max forms the Red of Red Sheep. He grew up in Durban, where he attended Clifton School for 13 years. From an early age Max’s two passions, fueled by his father, were music and soccer, and his dream was to one day be a professional soccer player. He would later realize that there wasn’t much future for an aspiring soccer player in South Africa, so he settled with playing football for his school, and captaining his school first team for two years.

It was in high school, however, when Max’s true love and passion for music started coming through in full force.

He played classical piano, as well as clarinet and recorder from the age of 8, and his Russian piano teacher, Tania, suggested he did piano grades. She would phone his parents every night during the week to ask if he had been practicing.

After completing numerous grades, Max decided that he wanted to veer away from the classical side of piano, and to rather use the technical ability he had gained from his years of classical training and put them into a more modern style of piano. He decided he wanted to start singing as well, which was when he got the idea of perfecting crowd favourite cover songs such as Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” and Don McLean’s “American Pie”, and performing them in local bars and at Open Mic events around Durban. He then went on to win his High School music competition with his rendition of Piano Man.

Upon arriving in Stellenbosch, Max quickly befriended two young Afrikaans guys who were in res with him and they formed a three-man band of sorts. Estian was one of the other members of “Daai Mumford cover band”, as they were dubbed at a gig they played at. This venture did not last too long, but almost three years later, Max and Estian re-joined forces with the idea of giving it a proper go, and Red Sheep was born.

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Red Sheep has a full 4-man band! If the venue and event accommodate/requires the full band, we also prefer performing with them. The band is made up of the following guys who perform with Estian and Max, and with whom they have become close mates with:

The Herd


robert cable

Drummer and videographer

After receiving his first drum set at the ripe old age of 6, Robert decided to pursue his dream of drumming. This dream soon became a reality, after waiting a mere 16 years to join the hottest new band in SA, Red Sheep.

When performing live, you’ll be sure to see Robert’s famous drumming face, however, he won’t be able to see yours.

Other fun facts include that he came 1st and 2nd in his high school’s talent show. That’s about it.

Be sure to catch him performing as part of the herd at our upcoming gigs!


Owald van Schalkwyk

Base and lead guitar

A proudly South African artist who draws inspiration from all that makes South African culture original and combines it with elements of western culture to create a blend of sound and emotion which aims to paint a bright future for his country. He is a young musician, producer and model with a lot of interest in not just the music but the media industry as a whole. During his early days in school he played in rock bands and as he grew older different genres influenced him more and more. Now he works on a wide variety of genres producing the music of many artists, local and international, under his recording company Ollyvans Studios. 


Meet Red Sheep’s very own mascot: Wool-I-Am. This sheep was given to Estian as a birthday present from his parents. It is a dorper sheep, and since Estian’s nickname is “Dorper”, his parents thought it would be hillarious to give it to him as a birthday present.

It was then decided that this sheep would be Red Sheep’s very own mascot- joining them on stage for every show. An Instagram poll was run on the Red Sheep Instagram account where they asked followers for name suggestions. The top 4 names were chosen, and followers then voted for the favourite. The result: “Wool-I-Am” (53%) narrowly beat “Tjoppie” (47%).